Nestled in the breathtaking beauty of the Western Mountains of Maine, Tim Pond Camps is the oldest set of continuously operating sporting camps in New England, hosting registered guests since the mid-1800's.

Tim Pond is rich in history; the first camp was built in 1832 by Charles Lyman Eustis and his Indian Guide, Tim and was used as a lumber camp. Tim also guided fishermen. The camps were then bought by Kennedy Smith in 1877 and were operated as hunting and fishing camp. In 1884 Julian K. Viles bought the camps and built more cabins and made many improvements. The Viles Family owned and or operated the camps from 1884 until after World War II.
Viles Family: J.K. Viles 1884-1910; H.K. Viles 1910-1936; Carrie Viles & A.B. Sargent 1936-1947.
Tim Pond went on to change hands a few more times; Wayne Hussey 1947-1964; Keith Hodsdon 1964-1975; Joel Hodsdon 1975-1981. Harvey and Betty Calden purchased the camps in 1981 and began operation in the spring of 1982. The Calden Family still own and operate the camps today.