Tim Pond Camps will continue to do a few things to make sure all guests are comfortable.

What to expect while visiting Tim Pond Camps:

Cabins: We will continue to suspend daily housekeeping, if you are in need of anything; please do not hesitate to ask Darcie. If you would like your wastebasket emptied please place it on your porch on your way up for lunch and we will collect it, along with any glasses, coffee cups etc.

Dining Room: Only members of your party will be seated with you at your table.

Kitchen: Only staff may be in the kitchen and back of the Lodge areas.

Contact-less Check Out: This has worked so well we are continuing it this season; Darcie will deliver your bill in an envelope to your table at supper the night before you are scheduled to leave, and you can bring the payment up at breakfast the next morning in the same envelope. If this does not work for you, please let Darcie know.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.